All I wanted was an $8 bottle of perfume! But my husband said, "No, I already bought your gift. It's a surprise, you'll love it." It turned out to be the strangest Valentine's Day gift I've ever heard of.

For Valentine's Day, I came home on Friday to find cute balloons, caramel chocolates and... a $100 gift certificate to A GUN RANGE! I don't even own a gun!

My husband and I enjoy camping and skiing together, so maybe he pictures me as a real "outdoorsy" gal, but a shooting range gift certificate for Valentine's Day!

$100 won't even buy me a gun! It's JUST for shooting practice. Does he want me to practice before I shoot him?! -- Just kidding, I wouldn't do that, but we're probably going to exchange it for a massage gift certificate.

What do YOU think of that?