They plan on building a $200 million theme park in Alabama its going to be called "Blue Collar Country"

from amazon

Yes its Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the cable guy!

Here are the top signs you're at a redneck theme park


The baby-changing stations are located inside the public meth labs.
Scooters for the disabled come with optional Truck Nutz.
Their mascot is a squirrel.
Scary things in the haunted house includes a guy
who chases you for back child support.
You know those funny hats with the mullet wigs attached? Well, they just sell the hats.
You can actually rent a paddle to smack bratty kids with.
They have a tiny little designated area for NON-smokers.
All of the stuffed animals at the mid-way are actually STUFFED ANIMALS!