Congratulations to Sandy Howland, a Special Education teacher at Hawthorne Elementary! She wins $100 to the Teacher’s World store and a 60-minute massage from Myers Therapeutic Massage.

Here's Ashley Nielsen's submission about Sandy Howland:

As a sub I am in and out of classrooms daily, So i get to see a bunch of different teaching styles, and different ways teachers handle situations, etc. Hawthorne Elementary is always my favorite to sub at. If the whole Building could win this award- they should! Since I have to choose one-It's Sandy. She is by far the best Special Education teacher I've ever worked with. She loves those kids, and loves her job. She is just so wonderful. She knows exactly the needs of each child and follows through with those. Special Ed. is not an easy class, especially with young children, But Sandy handles it so well and each child strives in that class. She deserves everything."

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