Today just so happens to be National Teacher appreciation day, here at the Key we show appreciation to our teachers all year thank to your nominations we select one special each month as the 98.3 The Key Teacher of the Month!

This Month's winner is Tracey Kitner she teaches 3rd grade at Christ the King School and was nominated by Peyton Buchanan  here's what Peyton had to say about Mrs.Kitner:

 I think my teacher should win because she's super nice- like if you counted how many time's she yelled it wouldbe 0.If she were my age I would be very good friends with her. She even lets us tell her jokes, helps us when we are having a hard time and she makes class fun.I'm Peyton Buchanan and I approve this message!

Congratulations to Tracey Kitner she is the Key Teacher of the Month and this beautiful bouquet will be delivered to you soon!