Amy Schumer and Judge Judy? What a duo.

Schumer raised eyebrows Thursday (August 17) when she appeared on an episode of Judge Judy. But don't worry, no one was taking her to court (although some could argue she could be sued for stealing jokes). Schumer was merely sitting in the audience to take in a taping of the show. As she shared on Instagram, she went with her sister, since they are both big fans of the program.

Not only did Schumer sit in on the case, she also got to play judge by sitting on the bench where Judge Judy herself presides and belittles everyone who comes before her. For those uninitiated, she got some help from the show's bailiff, Petri Hawkins-Byrd (better known simply as Byrd).

Schumer is not the only big name with a thing for Judge Judy. University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh once caught a taping of the show himself, back when he was still coaching the NFL's 49ers.

Still, Schumer's presence in the courtroom certainly blew the minds of the Internet, which tried to wrap its collective head around what it had seen.

Amy Schumer's Most Delightfully Crude Characters:

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