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Pasco Police on TikTok With Latest Challenge
Pasco Police are on TikTok!  TikTok is an app used for making and sharing videos.  Many videos go viral.
The latest trend on the TikTok App is posting videos of users drinking Cran-raspberry juice and vibing to the song, Dreams by Fleetwood Mac...
Swearing Parrots Gave Visitors a Colorful Earful!
I've never wanted to visit a zoo more, than after reading about swearing parrots at a wildlife park in England.
You have got to be joking.  We're not.  True story.
The five birds had to be split up and moved away from public viewing after people began complaining about the fou…
Who has the BEST Coffee in the Tri-Cities? (POLL)
With Tuesday being National Coffee Day, the big question is, "Who pours the best cup of JOE in the Tri-Cities?"
Take the Patti Poll here:
Who serves the best coffee in the Tri-Cities?No matter how you take it, hot or iced, blended, with or without cream, where do YOU get the best cup…
Where Was He Going at 126 Miles Per Hour?
Holy cow!  I saw the headline...Teen clocked at 126 mph.  What?  I have so many questions.  Where?  When?  Was anyone hurt?
So...I checked out the Kennewick Police Facebook page.
It happened Tuesday evening, at about 10.
An officer was driving along Canal Drive near N...
The Kitty Cat Chronicles Continue...
I finally got one of my gals out & about!  If you don't know me, I should tell you that I have a big heart for cats.
I have two rescue kitties.  One is named Koko.  The other is Peaches, or Pickles.  Her name was Patches.  We haven't yet figured out what her…
Masala Indian Express Now Open in Kennewick
While we're mostly hearing about restaurants closing during the Covid-19 pandemic, it's surprising to hear of expansion.
If you're a fan of Indian cuisine, your day just got much brighter, as a popular LOCAL family-owned restaurant has opened a second Tri-Cities location...
Do You Know Who Drove Through This Building?
Someone caused quite a mess in Basin City late last night or early Monday morning.
The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information about how the WIC office was damaged to contact them.  The office is located on R-170...

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