Friday night brought much of Washington a huuuuuuge thunderstorm. Not only did we do live coverage, but so did some of our listeners! They've been gracious enough to let us show you their epic snapshots and videos from that phenomenon.

If you'd like to add your photos to this story, shoot me an email!

Let's kick it off with Sean Prior's video that captures an overwhelming crash of thunder and lighning. He reccomends you turn that volume up. I gotta second that. TURN IT UP. There is a little language, just an FYI. This video is incredible.

Here are the photos that I was talking about. Tasha DeCoria from Kennewick was able to capture one of the more incredible shots of lightning striking, while Amy Walters was able to convey just how doom and gloomy the storm was.

Thank you everyone for these great images!

UPDATE: Dominic Johnson just emailed me two GORGEOUS shots of lightning flashing on the Oregon side of McNary Dam.

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