Floating the Columbia River in an inner tube or other flotation device can be a real blast! But as many people have found out, it can also be extremely dangerous. So when somebody floating on the river cries out for help, law enforcement takes it very seriously. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office has a drone that they can send up in any situation where it would be easier to spot a subject from the air. This can come in especially handy along the Columbia river since access points are not always convenient. So when word went out to law enforcement that a floater was in peril, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office sent the drone up to assist Richland Police in looking for the individual. There's really no escaping the bird's eye view of a drone, and they just couldn't find the person. The good news is that they suddenly showed up at home! I wonder if they even knew anybody was looking for them. Hopefully, the cries for help were sincere and not in jest, because law enforcement spent valuable time looking for them. But at least it was a happy ending.



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