Walla Walla County Sheriff's Deputies and investigators say a new round of fake checks that are part of a scam are circulating through the county.

Several citizens have brought in checks that look like the one pictured here in our story, along with a set of detailed instructions that reportedly contain a Walgreen's logo.

The instructions tell the recipient where and how to deposit the check, and as part of the 'service' fee they have to send some back. The checks are fake, and victims end up taking money from their own accounts, sometimes without knowing they're the one's being scammed.

If you receive a check you're not expecting in the mail, look it over carefully.  For example, if there's no routing or account number on the bottom margin, or no 'watermark' visible if you look at an angle or under bright light, it's probably a scam.

If in doubt, report it to your local police or sheriff's office. Sadly, several people in the area bit on this one.

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