A former Pasco resident is facing at least $17,000 in restitution, and likely probation after he created a dummy company to defraud an insurance carrier.

According to the Idaho Department of Insurance, Benjamin C. Beckett, (age not given) had moved from Pasco to Latah County, Idaho to care for his father.

Authorities didn't say when the issues began, but said Beckett moved there to help his father who had been assaulted to the point where he required outside care; his disabilities kept him from taking care of himself.

According to Idaho Insurance officials, Beckett's father's longterm care insurance policy did not provide funds for family members who have to offer long term care.

Officials say Beckett created a fake company that reportedly was in charge of offering the care for his father. Beckett filed claims using fake names, in an attempt to get reimbursed for his personal costs.

Northwestern Life Insurance officials, who held the policy, reportedly became suspicious and launched an investigation. The Department of Insurance launched an investigation, and eventually Beckett admitted to filing the fake claims, which totalled at least $24,000.

Northwestern Life agreed to settle for $17,000 to clear the claims, and Beckett has been placed on at least two years probation by way of an interstate deal between WA and Idaho probation and parole departments.

Insurance officials stress that especially with catastrophic or long term care insurance issues, people should make sure their policies cover costs they may not realize come with these situations.


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