With the recent frenzy regarding THC vape products & the 9 deaths related to them, one local dispensary has been doing their due diligence.

Products retrieved from users that became sick have had tests come back positive for Vitamin E.  Vitamin E is much thicker than standard TCH oil and is used in black market vape products. It's also cheaper. There hasn't been any official link between the illnesses and death & vitamin E, but its presence in products purchased by sick customers is troubling.

When it comes to standard nicotine vapes, Utah State Health Department spokesman Tom Hudachko says nothing "out of the ordinary" was found. The department had found vitamin E in 90% of THC vape products they had tested.

Green2Go owner Steve Lee says the dispensary has "100%" of their vape products lab tested, ensuring customers are safe from any contamination. After the tests all came back, it was revealed there wasn't any vitamin E in their products.

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