Memorial Day is a time for BBQs, parties, and celebrations of all types. There was an all-ages parry at Jokers for those 14 and up to have a fun party night at the usually 21+ Jokers. I was there having a cocktail with friends in the bar and popped out for a smoke. When I stepped outside I was greeted by flashing red blue lights. Apparently there were shots fired in a drive-by style shooting, outside of the club. As far as I know yet, no one was injured, and the incident was not related to the club specifically. Police set up road blocks outside of the club leading one direction on Wellsian.  No word on the suspects yet, as this is a  developing story. We'll keep up with the story as it unfolds, but word to the wise, PLEASE leave the firearms at home, ESPECIALLY when underage kids are around. Richland PD and the sheriffs were called in. Be safe out there Tri-Cities!!

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