Well today when it was time for me to leave for work, there was about 1/4 inch slab of ice on my windsheild and all my windows. On top of that, was about 3 inches of snow.

My driveway was crusted over with frozen snow that had turned icy because of the falling freezing rain.

It took me about a half hour to get my car in a "drivable" condition this morning, and then just slid down my driveway and into the street when I left for work.  But, I had to stop on the road three different times to scrape the forming ice off my windshield.

That in itself was dangerous cause there was no safe place to pull to the side of the road where the snow was piled up and in my little car, I thought I may get stuck.

Anyway, I made it here. Have no idea how I'll make it home tonight, I see people are pulling their wipers up off the windsheild so they don't stick. So, trying that!

But my point is...what to do about freezing ice on your windshield? My defroster obviously isn't equipt to keep it clear.

I googled de-icing and came up with some possible things to try for tomorrow.

Anyone have any remedies that have worked for you? Post your reply below. (Thanks Faith)