I love Facebook. I love getting attention on Facebook. In the past I've written up rules for Facebook. These included pet peeves and no-nos. Today I'd like to talk about something everyone SHOULD do on Facebook.

I "use" Facebook. I use it to share my blogs, to promote stuff going on at the radio station, to increase my celebrity status, to find women, to make people laugh. At least once a week I make sure to GIVE on Facebook.

That's the advice I want to impart on everyone.

About weekly I go on and I acknowledge all my friends. I reply to their posts. I message people I haven't talked to in a while. I dedicate time to returning favors on Facebook. Our connections are called "friends" so my point is be a good friend.

Too many people are narcissistic on social media -- me included sometimes. If you were at a party you'd want to talk to everyone, listen to their stories, laugh at their jokes -- let them have the spotlight sometimes.

Do the same on Facebook and you'll have more friends, more interaction and better relationships overall.