There are a few things about Washington you might not know that could change your mind if you're thinking of moving here from California.

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Washington State: The 3rd Most Popular Place for Californians to Move

There are a number of factors contributing to lots of people moving from the State of California over the last few years. We know from reports that between 2022 and 2023 the total population of California dropped by around 138,000 people with almost 40% of those moving to Washington State. Over 55,000 people moved to Washington from California during that time and most only moved with an income of $55,000 per year or less. The numbers have been steadily increasing especially recently with over 125,000 people moving here over the last 3 years alone. So many people are moving out of California that there are multiple websites designed just to help people through the process and give you facts.


Do Californians Really Know About Washington State?

Having been born in Washington State and lived here my entire life, it is common knowledge that most people not from here think all of Washington is like Seattle. Part of the current housing problem in Washington is caused by people from California selling their expensive homes and then relocating here. Now between inflation, building costs, and availability, buying a home is out of reach for most middle-class people living in Washington State today. There are a lot of things about Washington State most people who don't live here couldn't know. I wonder if Californians knew these things, would it make them regret their decision to move here over time? Look, I love living here but will also freely admit it is not all sunshine and roses. These next 5 facts about Washington State are the main reasons I can think of people thinking about moving here from California should change their minds and go somewhere else.

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