These 12 celebrities are very likely for you to spot if you attend a Seattle Seahawks game.


Celebrity Seattle Seahawks Fans to Look for During Games

I have been going to Seattle Seahawks games now for almost 20 years. Some people are not just going for football; they're also about the glitz and glamour of celebrity sightings. Seattle Seahawks games, held in a city known for its vibrant culture and diverse population, often attract celebrities from various industries, and many of them can be spotted cheering for the Seahawks from the stands of Lumen Field.

From Hollywood actors to musicians and athletes from other sports, Seahawks games are a magnet for northwest A-listers. It's not uncommon to see stars who have become synonymous with Seattle's vibrant celebrity scene, attending games and showing their support for the team. One of the reasons celebrities flock to Seahawks games is the electric atmosphere, being renowned for its passionate fan base, known as the "12s" whose thunderous cheers reverberate throughout the stadium. For celebrities, being part of this energetic atmosphere the 12s add to the excitement of watching a live NFL game.

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Celebrities are Real People Too

Attending Seahawks games can also offer celebrities a chance to connect with fans, feel like normal people, and show their support for the local team. Whether they're decked out in Seahawks gear or casually enjoying the game from a luxury box, seeing celebrities in the crowd adds an extra element of excitement for fans. As one of the NFL's most successful franchises in recent years, the Seahawks have garnered national attention and a diverse fan base that extends far beyond the Pacific Northwest. Celebrities attending games further amplify the team's popularity and contribute to its status as a cultural phenomenon. Most of these next 12 celebrities I have seen at games myself.

12 Celebrities to Spot at Seattle Seahawks Games

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