Washington Towns That Look Completely Empty

Have you ever driven through a small town in Washington State and wondered where everyone was? It was probably one of these 9 tiny Washington towns.


Tiny Towns in Washington that Look Abandoned but Aren't

First, let me start off by saying I was raised in a tiny small town of only 1,200 people and only 21 kids in my graduating class. Washington State is full of little towns just like mine with very small communities where everyone knows basically every person that lives there.

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Some of these towns are so small that if you happen to drive through or visit, you might feel like you are in a zombie or end-of-the-world movie because not a soul can be seen walking or driving around even during the day. They have populations so small that it literally looks like no one lives there.

9 Tiny Washington State Towns That Seem Abandoned

No, the zombie apocalypse has not started. You are just driving through some of the smallest towns in Washington State.

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