Suspect when he was arrested in 2021 (Moses Lake Police department)
Suspect when he was arrested in 2021 (Moses Lake Police department)









Thursday, the US Attorney's Office for the District of Eastern WA (Feds) announced a Moses Lake man will spend 17 years in prison for a drug and crime spree.

   One of the guns the man stole ended up being used in a child homicide

34-year-old Guillermo Valdez of Moses Lake was formally sentenced this week for his role in the crimes.

On February 24, 2021, Valdez broke into a residence in Spokane County and stole 11 firearms, then with an accomplice, trafficked and sold them.

3 days later, one of those guns was used in a homicide that caused a death of a child in Othello. Authorities were pursuing and searching for him, then in April, his luck ran out.

On April 2, 2021, he led a Washington State Trooper on a chase at speeds of 90-100 MPH before crashing his car. During the chase, he was seen throwing a bag out the window that contained meth and a firearm. He fled on foot after the crash and was found hiding in a tree.

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Finally, in July of 2021, he was arrested with a large number of drugs, including meth, some of which were discovered hidden inside a child's bedroom in his home in Moses Lake.  US Attorney's officials say he will spend 204 months, or about 17 years, in prison.

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