According to the Benton County Fire District 1, the Lineage Logistics fire in Finley will eventually burn itself out.

    Fire broke out April 21st.

Around 5:15 AM April 21st, a fire broke out at the Lineage Logistics 525,000 square-foot cold storage facility on Bowles Road in Finley. The fire appeared to have been located in a refrigerator area, was initially controlled somewhat, but by 2 PM it had spread and became a Code Red Alert with agencies from around the area being called in.


Lineage Logistics fire (BCFD 1)
Lineage Logistics fire (BCFD 1)

After some area evacuations that were eventually lifted, the smoke continued to waft upwards.

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Now Benton County Fire District 1 has offered some information as to why the structure is still smoldering. According to the BCFD 1:

"There are about 12 acres worth of building and we can’t safely get to the areas that are smoldering. Could we use helicopters or airplanes to put water on it? Not really. There are contractual limitations that determine when air resources can be deployed, and this doesn’t meet those. Also, we want to preserve the point of the fire’s origin as much as possible for investigation purposes."

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is going to be assisting in the investigation to determine, if possible, the exact cause of the blaze.

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