Multiple sources began reporting over the last 16 months how the 'fake' meat craze was sweeping the US, and even other parts of the world, but now has become just a "fad." But the US Military is apparently going to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on bio-meats.

 Department of Defense inks new deal with bio company

3 or 4 years ago, it seemed plant-based meats and even bio-engineered meat were the 'wave' of the future. Beyond Meat was the poster child for the new veggie burger craze that began in 2014-15. But now even according to Bloomberg, it's become just a fad.

But now, bio-engineering has taken over that craze, with companies working on growing meat from animal stem cells. Flordia has just passed a ban on the sale of fake meat in their state.

 Department of Defense teams up with bio company

The National Association of Farm Broadcasting is reporting this week the National Cattlemens Beef Association (NCBA) has condemned the D-O-D for signing a contract with a company called Bio Made, to develop fake meat for feeding troops.

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   Bio Made works on developing various food sources from this kind of engineering studies. According to the NAFB, a statement from National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Vice President of Government Affairs Ethan Lane read in part:

“U.S. cattle producers raise the highest quality of beef in the world, with the lowest carbon footprint, and American troops in all branches deserve to get that same wholesome, natural meat and not the ultra-processed, lab-grown protein that is cooked up in a chemical-filled bioreactor."

The NCBA says these kinds of programs treat our military men and women like lab rats.

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