KPD has issued another missing person alert for Carley *(KPD)
KPD has issued another missing person alert for Carley *(KPD)




There have been several missing person alerts for this person in the past (UPDATE BELOW)

Missing woman again sought by Police, family

Kennewick Police Friday morning August 26th issued another missing person alert for Carly, who has been the subject of several in the past.  She was last seen around 6 AM.

Carly is 30, but Police say she has the mental capacity of a child. She is 4' 10"  with black shoulder-length hair and brown eyes.

   She was last seen wearing a gray tank top shirt, bottoms, and purple shoes.

Police did not indicate the whereabouts of her last location, but the public is asked to please keep an eye out for her.  Fortunately, due to public tips, in the past she has been safely located. During the previous missing person alerts when she was located, she was found in the eastern or central parts of town.

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It is obvious her mental state makes her caregiving situation a challenge. Anyone who sees her please call (509)-628-0333.


UPDATE  she has been found and is now safe 


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