A woman on Reddit was roasted after revealing she is refusing to attend her biological daughter's wedding because her stepdaughter isn't invited.

The woman claims her biological daughter's father launched a "smear campaign" against her after their relationship failed to "end on good terms," resulting in her daughter turning against her.

"While he didn’t accomplish his goal of getting them to want to be with him, he was successful in straining my relationship with my daughter. I tried therapy ... but once she was old enough to refuse she stopped participating. I remarried when bio daughter was 13, and my husband had a daughter who is [two] years younger than our bio daughter. Since the beginning the girls did not get along, at first bio daughter was the one instigating but eventually in their teens years, the 'hate' became mutual," she wrote.

"Both girls are now in their mid 20s and their relationship has not gotten any better. Bio daughter is getting married next year and she’s having a fairly large wedding," the woman continued on Reddit.

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The woman knew her stepdaughter wasn't going to be in the wedding party, but she assumed she would at least be invited to the ceremony.

"While talking about the wedding, the topic of stepdaughter was brought up, at which point my daughter said that stepdaughter wasn’t invited. When I asked why her reasoning was that she wants an intimate wedding. This would normally be a reasonable response, except for the fact that even friends that she hadn’t seen since elementary school are invited but her stepsister is not, so I pressed her and she said the reason why she isn’t invited is because 'she’s not family,'" the woman recalled.

The frustrated mother told her daughter that if her stepdaughter isn't considered family, then "by proxy" neither is she, and therefore there's "no point" for her to attend the wedding either.

"She obviously got upset and started screaming and ended up leaving. She told her aunts and grandparents and everyone is saying that I'm an a--hole for refusing to attend her wedding," she concluded.

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Users in the comments blasted the mom for prioritizing her new family over her biological daughter's big day.

"Who died and made you the wedding guest list police? You say your relationship is strained. I wonder why. Obviously you favor your stepdaughter. You say their hate is mutual. Why on earth should I invite someone to my wedding who hates me? You can't choose family, but you can choose who you invite to your wedding. It's well within her right to exclude someone she dislikes (and is disliked by). Why do you think it's reasonable to pressure her into inviting her stepsister with that kind of ultimatum?" one person wrote.

"She is claiming dad caused distance. I think she needs to look deeper into her own relationship with her daughter and what was going on in the household," another chimed in.

"No accountability or insight at all! I feel bad for the daughter and hope she gets some good therapy," someone else commented.

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