A Reddit user detailed their bizarrely "calm" experience with a spooky paranormal figure they found in their kitchen.

In a post titled "Calmest Encounter" on the "Paranormal" subreddit, a user claims they encountered a shadowy figure standing in their kitchen when they returned home one evening, and that the figure appeared as startled as they were.

"So this happened about 15 minutes ago, it's been a long day. I live alone, it's a new apartment, nothing creepy has really happened outside of noisy neighbors since you know, walls can only block out so much sound," the user wrote.

"I unlock the door to my apartment, open it and I'm greeted by a silhouette standing in my kitchen. I'm 90 [percent] sure we made eye contact (given it had no eyes) and we sort of looked at each other like a deer in headlights," they continued.

Despite the obvious horror of the otherworldly situation, the exhausted Reddit user remained unbothered, simply telling the spectral figure, "I don't wanna deal with this right now."

The figure obliged and "just walked into the pantry."

"I go into the kitchen to check said pantry. It was obviously empty, and now I'm just laying in bed and hoping that the next time I see it, it starts paying its share of rent," the user concluded, adding that the spooky figure can sleep on the couch if it wants — as long as it chips in for the Wi-Fi bill.

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Down in the comments, the user shared more information and context about the apparition they saw.

"It was practically solid, like an actual person just standing there waiting for me. I don't think it was waiting for me, it almost seemed like I was interrupting whatever it was doing. Well, it wasn't that far. We weren't face to face but close enough to where I could walk to it in a few steps," the user elaborated.

Others in the comments section shared their own similar, personal experiences with the paranormal.

"I've seen a similar thing, like a full-sized person walked around a corner in my house and stopped with the arms out, like a person would when they are surprised to see you. It looked like it had like a poofy hairdo also. We looked at each other for a second then it disappeared right before my eyes. Sometimes I wonder what I looked like from their perspective," one reader shared.

"I saw an orb one night, and a few nights later heard what sounded like LOUD long fingernails tapping on my dresser beside my bed as I was trying to sleep. Straight up, I just told whatever it was to quit [it]... and it did. It simply left," another commented.

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