Ever since she was six-years old, Kennewick native and Kamiakin High School graduate Nicole Renard has been striving to be Miss America.

Courtesy Nicole Renard - Miss Washington

And now, she's got a chance to get as close as her dreams can imagine as she won the Miss Washington title and August 29th she will get on a plane to compete for the coveted crown she's dreamed about since she was a little girl.

Miss Washington is just the latest tiara and title Renard has won to go along with Miss Tri-Cities Outstanding Teen, Miss Washington Outstanding Teen, Miss City of Orange and Miss Rainier.

She joined Miss Tri-Cities Little Sisters at age six and that's where the seeds were planted. Getting serious about it in 2010, her winning a number of pageants has allowed her to apply her earnings to achieve a college education and other invaluable skills needed to excel in everyday life. It's all about the empowerment of women and that's her platform moving forward in her year of reign whether here in Washington, or all the way to represent her country as Miss America.

Nicole Renard Facebok

Now living in Puyallup in an apartment provided by the Miss Washington program, Renard plans to work hard to prepare for the Miss America experience. Her platform is self worth, aimed at teaching children they should not base their self worth on their successes or failures. Every one has value and when people realize that, they are not afraid to fail in pursuit of any and all of their goals. After all, the Miss America program reaches dozens of women who never get a crown.

Watch her YouTube video under the AppleTube moniker about making Every Day Count.


Good luck with Miss America, Nicole!