The city of Kennewick welcomes two highly trained Firefighter/Paramedic's to the staff next week. According to a press release from the Kennewick Fire Department..

The two new firefighter paramedics have just completed 12 weeks of rigorous firefighter training at the North Bend Fire Academy. They will now spend the next three years working through firefighter apprenticeship training as well as becoming accustomed to the protocols of the Benton Franklin County Emergency Medical Services (EMS). All of KFD's paramedics are dual trained as firefighters, so that they can provide high level EMS care as well as respond to fire and rescue emergencies.

Both Fandrich and Todd, bring with them years of experience from other agencies in the state of Washington and the state of California, respectively.

In case you didn't know: The Kennewick Fire Department puts all of its new hires through a rigorous screening process, to ensure the most highly qualified and professional employees are given the responsibility of responding to and treating Kennewick's sick and injured. EMS accounts for 76% of their 8,000 calls for service every year.

Welcome gentlemen and Thank You in advance!