Madonna took to the 2015 BRIT Awards stage to perform her song "Living For Love" and ended up taking a huge fall.

If there's one thing to say about her (which, let's be real, there are always about a billion things to say about Madonna at any given time), it's that she is absolutely a seasoned professional at this point in her career. The performance started off with Madonna walking up a long catwalk, wearing an even longer black cape. As she started walking up the stairs to the main stage, it looks like the cape's clasps or the tie that was securing it around her neck was too tight. When a backup dancer went to pull the cape off, Madonna came tumbling down with it -- landing at the bottom of the stairs.

There was an audible thud from the microphone hitting the stage, and Madonna (obviously) stopped singing, so all you can hear is the faint backing track in the background. But she continued on, like the professional she is and managed to deliver a dynamic performance, anyway. Considering just how long she's been in the industry, it should come as no surprise to anyone that she soldiered through and was still fantastic.

You can check out the full performance in the video above!

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