I saw the Man of Steel this weekend -- not just once, but twice. You should go see it if you like huge, fun, epic movies. I had heard a lot of bad things from critics before this weekend and I was nervous about seeing it. I won't spoil anything for you, so don't worry. I will just leave you with a few tips to enjoy this movie as much as you should.

I think the critics had a problem with this movie, because they could not let go of what they already know about Superman. Without going into detail, there are core Superman story points that are different from the original story. One instance is the absence of Kryptonite. There is no such thing in this movie. How can you have a Superman movie without his weekness? Honestly, after watching this version of the story, I wondered how they could have made Kryptonite work all these years. It Makes more sense with the change. Honestly, I feel the changes they made cleaned up the story and cleared out all the things about Superman that were not logical.

Ladies, you will enjoy what Henry Cavill brings to the role of Superman and will have a similar comment to the young girl soldier at the end of the movie. To really enjoy the "Man of Steel," you need to watch with new eyes. Let go and enjoy the ride; it is worth it if you let it take you "Up, Up and Away!"

One more thing: DO NOT wait at the end of the credits because there is no extra scene.

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