Valentines Day is this weekend! And, I know from years of 'hearing' what you all have to say about it,There is a VAST difference of how you feel about this 'Lover's Holiday!'

Oh yeah, I've heard it all!  From it being an 'Over Commercialized Retail Holiday' to it being your most romantic loved Holiday EVER!  So obviously views and opinions vary greatly among you!

So, may I just say, that if Valentines is worth anything at all...

It should give cause to take a moment to look at the person that you care deeply about and have chosen to be your 'Significant Other' What were the reasons you wanted each other so much?

What are the qualities that person posses' that you admire? What do you love about how they make YOU feel?  And, then take the time to let them know how much you appreciate having that person care about you.

No relationship is perfect! So if you have someone that TRULY LOVES YOU, and has YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEARTFELT, don't take that lightly! Value and Appreciate it and RESPECT it! Because, there are NO guarantees! And, that person could be gone tomorrow!

So make today count! And if Valentines gives you an excuse to express your love to that person! Celebrate and ENJOY! And remember, it doesn't have to be a flashy holiday with expensive stuff! It just has to be 'HEARTFELT' So, go be happy that you have someone to love! :)

And for all the single people out there! Just be happy for those who have found love! And Enjoy not having to worry about anyone right now! Haha! Have a great weekend everyone! And