At the time of this posting, the latest robbery at the Shell station and convenience store on Clearwater at Morain St. in Kennewick is less than a few hours old. In less than two months it has been hit at least three times now.

They have excellent surveillance video, but naturally, everyone is wearing a mask. Facebook comments include suggestions that the cashiers get hazard pay! Another suggestion says let the employees conceal carry because this place gets hit all the time.

In fact, so many of the comments that you will see below say that they would never work at a store that didn't have a gun under the counter, and that the clerks should all be armed. (I totally agree!) Another commenter said that maybe it's an inside job (hmmm...dunno about that, but maybe), and several people have posted that Kennewick Police are very good at their jobs and the perpetrator or perpetrators will be caught soon. Damn skippy!


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