John Henson, one of America's favorite television hosts, joined 98.3 The Key this morning to talk about his new show "World's Funniest Animal Commercials" airing tonight, Jan. 31 at 8 p.m. on truTV. Here are the top 3 three reasons John says you won't want to miss the show:

1. Only you will know he's scared to death of his co-host.

When John's brother found out he was hosting the show with a chimpanzee, the brother reminded John that those animals can "tear peoples' face off." His brotherly advice: "Don't end up on Youtube." John couldn't get that out of his mind during filming.

When you watch tonight you will see a level of fear... me leaning back at a 45 degree angle -- like my prom date did -- just trying to get out of that personal space... They go right for your business, right for your jewels.


2. Commercials from around the world are crazy.

Other countries have whole different standards of what they consider appropriate... and a more absurd sensibility. The commercials are unbelievably funny and twisted.

3. truTV is quickly becoming America's coolest network.

truTV is now a top 10 network, they snuck into the top 10. It's kind of like the Wild West over there... they simply don't have the manpower to watch what we're doing. They open a studio for us for two hours and leave us alone. 'Hand us a 60 minute tape at the end and we're good.'

John Henson also explained how he got the nickname "Skunk Boy" and revealed a secret about how the show "Wipeout" is produced. Listen to the full interview for the juicy details.