You read that right. Your local coffee, pastry, work-on-your-screenplay shop will now serve BOOZE! As a part of a new Starbucks campaign, they're changing a few stores across the nation into "Starbucks, After Dark." The official term is "Starbucks Evenings." They have two stores currently launched in the Seattle area, and the location on Clearwater is part of the next wave.

starbucks beer

As of April (depending on alcohol licensing and store prep) you'll be able to chill at Starbucks, get some small evening bites like Mac n Cheese, meatballs, or pizza AND enjoy local wine and beer selections! The store is currently training and making personnel changes (you must be 21 to draw alcohol from a tap in the state of Washington).

I haven't been this excited since they opened the Peach Pit: After Dark on 90210! (Yes, I'm that old). The question Starbucks is asking is "Will this work?" they could potentially lose money on the shift, or, as in usual Starbucks fashion, this could be a gold mine! What do you think? Will you go to Starbucks to have wine beer, or dinner? Take the poll!