Halloween for Dogs — a Big Business!
I'm very tempted to dress up my dogs for Halloween. I know they hate it I just can't help myself. Everywhere you turn WalMart, Target, Petco ect... there they are -- cute outfits for your pup.
Best Costume Ever? Use Two iPads To Pull This Off [VIDEO]
Here's an awesome last-minute Halloween costume... if you happen to have two iPad 2's lying around, or $1000 to burn
A guy figured out that if you duct tape one to your chest, one to your back, and make them video chat with each other... it looks like there's a huge hole through your b…
How to Make a Honey Badger Costume for Halloween
Halloween is just a few days away and since this annual holiday falls on a Monday, parties are bound to pop up during the weekend to accommodate those who have to go to work without hangovers on (though that probably won’t stop people from having too many candy corn martinis).
The only problem is tha…
Ten Frighteningly Cool Halloween Gadgets
Remember the good old days when Halloween meant trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples? Well, technology has made All Hallow's Eve a whole lot scarier. From advanced video displays to motion-sensing devices, these Halloween-themed gadgets will turn your home into a truly terrifying house of h…