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Dutch Bros. employees test positive for covid-19
Some area Dutch Bros. employees have tested positive for coronavirus. As a result, two locations were closed temporarily to undergo an intense deep cleaning procedure.
The shops located at 496 Keene Road in Richland & at 2601 Court Street in Pasco are where the employee tested positive for th…
Are Finley, Pasco Dutch Bros Coffee Stand Break-ins Related?
No sooner were Kennewick Police and Benton County Deputies searching for suspects in the Haney Coffee Stand break in near Finley, then Pasco Police were going over surveillance footage from early Tuesday morning.
It seems burglars first broke into the Dutch Bros coffee kiosk located across from the H…
Starbucks vs. Dutch Bros.? [POLL]
Right now my personal favorite is "Lil Firehouse Coffee" on Clearwater (try the waffle sticks), but I've noticed Dutch Bros. Coffee is expanding like crazy and their "Dutch Mafia" stickers are everywhere. Yet I always see a line at Starbucks when I drive past…

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