Dancing Could Be the Answer to Your Problems.
Dancing really means participating in tons of different ways of moving your body in a rhythmic way. Different types of dances give you a different workout depending on the intensity. The type of workout that you get depends on how hard your heart is working. The higher your heart rate the better the…
Need Tips From Fitness Guru's!
I recently purchased a gym membership at Gold's Gym. And, I  have been finding it difficult to be well organized and bring everything I need to get to work right after. I'm feeling like a bag lady..and still don't have what I need.
Stress Workout!
Today I was so stressed out, I broke away from work for a while and went to Advanced Fitness Solutions and had Scott (one of the trainers there) help me do a relaxation workout. I don't think it's actually called that. But, that is how it felt...
Watch Faith's Dance Teacher!
You probably have heard me talk about my new Salsa Dance Class I'm taking! It's so much fun! I'm just a beginner, but it's such great exercise and it's FUN!
Here is a video of my dance teacher Dana and her husband Christian. They are simply incredible...

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