More Businesses Snared in Pasco Biofuel Fraud Scheme
Another business owner is facing fraud charges after it was found they participated in a green energy fraudulent business based out of Pasco.
You may recall in 2017 Scott C. Johnson, 43, of Burbank, was sentenced to 8 years in prison over his role in green power fraud stemming from the now defunct Pa…
Alert Clerk Busts ID Thief Who Flees Before Cops Arrive
Pasco police are on the alert for this probable ID fraud suspect, after a clerk who was paying close attention busted him.
Saturday evening this guy attempted to cash a check at the Rivera Wireless store at 10th and Lewis in Pasco. He presented a work check and ID card, but the clerk noticed the ID w…
Businessman in Jail Over Alleged Franklin County Investment Scam
A Ponzi, or pyramid, scheme launched about two years ago by a bankrupt Tri-City businessman has landed him in jail, facing charges in Franklin and Benton Counties. It also has his partner in hot water and facing arrest.
The man's wife has not been charged, but was allegedly part of a check kitin…
New "Overpayment" Check Scam Making Rounds in Tri-Cities
West Richland Police say they're seeing, along with other law enforcement agencies, an increase in what's often called "check overpayment scams."
Authorities say they usually involve online for sale sites, especially on social media. Many of them are done with sellers who …
Seen This Car or Driver? Call 911-Wanted for BIG TIME Fraud
West Richland police and others usually advise if you have information about a wanted suspect or a crime to call (509)-628-0333. But this time they saying, 'call 911.
This vehicle and this driver are being sought in connection with alleged car prowls and fraud incidents in Spokane, and now the T…

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