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Tri City Sports Interfering With Family Time?
Between academics, sports, social time, clubs and all the many choices in school, has it all become too much and too overwhelming for kids these days? When is enough, enough!?
Some students start their day when the bell rings for "zero hour" at 6:50 a...
Should High School Hillside Letters Return to Benton County?
Graduates of Richland and Hanford high schools are excited concrete block letters will make a return when renovation of the Fran Rish Stadium is complete. That has many others in Tri-Cities wishing for a return to hillside letters (also called Mountain Monograms). VOTE!
Should High School Students Be Allowed To Have Tattoos?
Big Jim and I ran across a story this morning and got us thinking here it is:A guy just posted a page from his high school yearbook online . . . and in a sign of the times, it features students with the best TATTOOS.  It's bad enough that this many kids at one high school have tattoos, but…

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