How Productive Are YOU on a Monday?!
It was such a fantastic weekend, with Mother's Day and all!
My kids were in town, I played music both nights at two great venues! RF McDougals and Thomas Oneil Cellars. Harp Player Casey Peterson jumped in for a song on Friday and she was awesome...
Stop Holiday Stress!
I hear a lot of people talking about being "Stressed Out" for the Holidays...I think that must be because of all the expectations!
Do You Have Any Crazy, Weird & Fun Family Holiday Traditions?
I have fun friends that share with me the crazy traditions they have in their families and I'm amazed how many families have things they do every year to make the holidays extra special.
One of my friends has grow kids and grand kids who live out of town, so when they come visit, they merge Than…
Are You Traveling for TG
The rush to join the extended family for turkey and stuffing makes the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the busiest travel day of the year. And this year it's going to be a busier than last year.

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