Cee Lo Green To Release Xmas Album!
Cee Lo Green is going head to head with Rod Stewart this fall in the Christmas album sweepstakes.  The singer's record label confirms that his holiday disc is called Cee Lo's Magic Moment, and it'll be in stores October 30.   That's also the same day that Rod will relea…
Christmas Feast For Under $12
We keep hearing about how people are cutting back and trying to save money this Christmas. But want to really save money? Time to put your money where your mouth is.
Holiday Foods..Why Only On Holidays?
Traditionally we all eat turkey &  sweet potatoes etc. on Thanksgiving!  On Christmas, it's usually Spiral ham or Prime rib! And Eggnog is always out for purchase during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Is it even available to buy other times of the year?
“Merry Christmas” Or “Happy Holidays”?
Time for the annual media hype around the nonexistent WAR ON CHRISTMAS. A new Rasmussen Reports survey has found that 70% of Americans say they prefer signs that say "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays."
Which do YOU prefer?
Christmas Is Coming.. Let’s Get You Ready. [VIDEO]
If you have ever been to an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party, you know the deal. Find a heinous old-school Christmas sweater, and wear it with pride: Paint puff, embroidered reindeer, dangling snowballs made of cotton, maybe some ribbon. Here is a video to show you the ropes...

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