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Annual Furr Ball Fundraiser in Walla Walla
In the fall of 2017 I noticed a kitten available for adoption on Blue mountain humane society's website.
I had been visiting several Humane society websites looking for a new pet....As it turns out I was able to get this crazy lil colored calico...
Withdrawn Momma Dog Finally Reunited With Puppies [VIDEO]
The owner of this dog decided to surrender only the mother.
The Chihuahua mix named Cora was extremely withdrawn after she was left at the Marin Humane Society located in California. She started acting aggressive, scared and moping.
The shelter contacted the previous owner and found out she recently h…
Tri-Cities Orphan Puppy of the Week: Oso
Oso is a 4-year-old neutered male Heeler Mix. He is a very active and strong dog. He behaves well around children and other dogs, but we are unsure how he would do around cats. Come by and visit him today! His adoption fee is $90.