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Pasco Police Department Should Start Writing Tickets To Kids
I'm a huge fan of the Pasco Police Department's Facebook page. The daily posts are informative and occasionally you get a little chuckle here and there proving that law enforcement officials can have a sense of humor. I think the Pasco Police Department should start citing kids this summer. I know what you thinking...why would the Pasco Police Department start handing out tickets to little kids. I
Chips Ahoy! Blizzard at Dairy Queen Is for Cookie Lovers [FOOD REVIEW]
We had a big debate over whether Dairy Queen's new "Blizzard of the Month" was going to be any good. It's "Chips Ahoy!" in chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks. Some of us thought it would be like dunking cookies in milk -- only better. Some of us thought it would just be stale chunks of cheap cookies in ice cream. So we bought some for all of us and gave a food review. Re

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