Where Should I Get Married in Eastern Washington? [POLL]
I can't wait to marry Kelly -- but where? Both of our families are in Spokane, but ALL of my friends are in Tri-Cities. Plus, there's a ton a beautiful wineries in Tri-Cities. But Spokane has great parks (Manito Park is No. 1 on my list). What do YOU suggest?
I’ve Been Dying to Show You Video From My Son’s Wedding!
As a listener...You are 'privy' to know probably more about me and my life than you care to. I tend to share things with my listeners that I would only tell a best friend or an extended family member. But, that is sort of how I think of you, so I wanted to show you the video's from my…
I laughed! And…I Gut Wrench Cried When I Read This!
Maybe it's because I recently went through a break up, Maybe it's because "Single Guy Laughing" is amazingly insightful and intuitive. I had to share this, I think it's important! Whether you are newly engaged, married or divorced. Dan Pearce reminds us all about wha…

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