Bill Would Allow 'Electronic Device' Use While Stopped in Car
A new bill proposed in the Washington State House would strike down or modify part of that Electronic DUI bill that went into effect not long ago.
HB (house bill) 1616 would allow limited use of electronic devices as follows:  AN ACT Relating to authorizing drivers to use personal electronic de…
Is Another Fine Coming to Century Link After 911 Outage?
If the 'tea leaves' are correct, it appears the Washington State Attorney General is possibly considering another suit or complaiint against Century Link.
AG Bob Ferguson released information Tuesday, saying the AG's office seeking input and information from people who were impacted by…
See David Gilmour On Your SmartPhone!
I read in an ABC publication that soon we will be able to see See David Gilmour Live on Your Smartphone!
I'm a huge fan of David Gilmour. I just love his solo's and how he makes those strings sing!! One of my favorites is "The Blue"
"David Gilmour fans soon will be…