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What Will The Royal Baby Look Like
The big announcement happened yesterday when the world found out The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are expecting an heir to the Royal throne. The announcement came on the heels of Kate being rushed to the Hospital as she is suffering from “hyperemesis gravidarum,” a…
Prince William and Kate Middleton Kiss – Twice! [VIDEO]
So glad tehy decided to do the second Kiss the first one was rather weak!! What did you think of the Royal Wedding?
Apparently, the second time's the charm.
After a wedding ceremony fit for a Duke and a Duchess, Prince William and Kate Middleton made their official debut to the public today on th…
The Royal Wedding Frenzy Begins
Would you buy one of these tacky plates?
The hysteria surrounding the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton has a lot of Brits rolling their eyes. London gallery KK Outlet is responding to the madness with a send-up of the ultimate collectible: the commemorative plate