Another Homerun with Swanson Thai Ginger Broth [Recipe]
I am a big fan of the Swanson infused broth line. I found them at Wal Mart in the soup isle. The flavor is simply amazing, and the simple recipe's on the box can make you a 5 star chef. Here's the recipe from the box for Thai Chicken Vegetable soup. I also made cilantro lime rice and added…
We’re Getting Creative With Ramen!
My poor son Chase just had his tonsils out last week and can only have soft foods for the next several days. Thank goodness for Ramen noodles. I found a blog site that gives some pretty creative Ramen recipes. Some of the recipes include pepperoni ramen pizza.
Heathy BBQ Recipe For Your Celebration
I know quite a few people who are on some pretty strict diets this summer, and I bet skipping all those amazing summer Bbq's must be hard so here is a recipe for all you dieters. Keep up the good work!