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Police Searching for Weekend Murder Suspect
Richland Police are looking for a 27-year-old man wanted in connection to Saturday's shooting at Riverfront Hotel.  One man died in the shooting.
The victim was identified as 39-year old Joshua Gibson.
A felony warrant was issued for Jonathan M...
Richland Police Need Your Expert Eyes
Take notice of the socks and shoes.  It almost looks as if this guy is sporting compression socks.  Nothing wrong with that.  I wear them, too.  Also, check out the sunglasses.  Glad to see the guy is wearing a mask.
In any case, if this guy's fashion looks familiar to y…
Richland police need your expert eyes
It's kind of funny how some might think that wearing a mask will completely hide everything. (Your identity)  It doesn't.  It only covers your facial features.
The person pictured in these photos is wanted in connection with a recent theft from the Richland Walmart...

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