Middle Schools Kids Evacuated to Gym by Fire Alarm
Students at Leona Marshall Libby Middle School in West Richland are safe after a fire alarm went off this morning.
Staff evacuated the school and the kids were moved to the gym, according to Benton County Fire District 4.
Firefighters searched the school and found a light smoke, but no fire...
School Closures and Delays for December 13th 2016
*Columbia-Burbank Sch. Dist. - Buses on snow routes Posted: Tue. 13th, 05:36 AM
* Prescott Sch. Dist. - 2 Hours Late. No AM practice Posted: Tue. 13th, 04:53 AM
* Richland Sch. Dist. - Buses on snow routes Posted: Tue. 13th, 05:30 AM
Sorry Kids, it looks like you're going back today...
How Do You Feel About Free Lunch for All at School? [POLL]
Schools in Umatilla are encouraging all students to take advantage of free lunch funded by the federal government. Jefferson Elementary in Richland does the same thing... and there are probably several others in the Mid Columbia. What do you think of our taxes paying for lunch when many of the paren…
No More Swings in Richland School Yards! - End of an Era
Badger Mountain and Tapteal elementaries' swings were already gone the first day of school. Jefferson's have been gone for a while. Sacajawea and Marcus Whitman will lose theirs soon. Kennewick schools lost theirs years ago and Pasco hasn't had swings in 20 years. What the cuss! It&ap…
10 Tips to Succeed in College!
You or your child is now a couple weeks into college and if it's freshman year, you may be experiencing shock! Don't worry, take a deep breath, and follow this advice to succeed:
School Cancels Dances Until the Twerking Stops! Is It Fair?
This story is so hilarious! Stacy Lee is taking the side of the students. So long as they aren't groping and making out, what's the problem? My heart goes out to anyone who chaperones a school dance! Awkward policing the awkward, and then the twerking starts! Listen to our full conversatio…

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