Michael C. Hall Is in for a 'Dexter' Revival
The possibility of a Dexter revival has been whispered for some time, and it might be surprisingly easy to get star Michael C. Hall onboard. The erstwhile Bay Harbor Butcher says enough time has passed that he’s willing to return, and all it will take is a solid pitch.
'Shameless' Renewed for Season 8 After Pay Dispute
The Shameless Season 7 finale could easily have served as the Showtime drama’s swan song, though recent reports of star Emmy Rossum pushing for pay equality in Season 8 tipped a hand that renewal was at least the cards. Now, just hours after airing said finale, Showtime formally confirms that…
New Showtime's 'Penny Dreadful' Trailer
Earlier this week Showtime was generous enough to show us the entire pilot for forthcoming "psychosexual" monster mash 'Penny Dreadful,' but why stop there? In addition to watching the premiere, get a brand new look at the sexy, supernatural evil hiding in the 19th centur…
Showtime Renews 'Shameless' and 'House of Lies'
This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, given that Showtime's most quietly-continuing 'Episodes' had already been granted an additional season, but good news all the same: Emmy Rossum-William H. Macy family drama 'Shameless' will officially return for a fifth season …

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