Should High School Students Be Allowed To Have Tattoos?
Big Jim and I ran across a story this morning and got us thinking here it is:A guy just posted a page from his high school yearbook online . . . and in a sign of the times, it features students with the best TATTOOS.  It's bad enough that this many kids at one high school have tattoos, but…
10 Ridiculously Regrettable Disney Tattoos
Since tattoos are permanent and all, it's pretty important to choose a design you'll want to have for the rest of your life. The thing is, sometimes people don't exactly think about the whole 'forever' part of inking, and that's where hilarity comes prancing in.
Do You Have A Unique Tatoo?
I saw this on Facebook today. I don't have any tattoos. but, I sure thought this was cool!
Do you have an unusually UNIQUE Tattoo? Post a pic! We'd love to see it!
Disney Tattoo Guy Arrested
You remember George Reiger... He is the guy that has hundreds of Disney tattoos all over his body. You would think he would be a jolly man!