Behind The Scenes With KVEW TV [VIDEOS]
Thank you Xiomara and Scott, from KVEW TV who came to my barn today to shoot a promo commercial with me for Cowgirl College which is coming up Sat August 25th at the Benton-Franklin Fair! My friend Mindy who is our Acct Exec was there too...
One TV Show I Like To Watch!
You may remember a couple years ago, I made it a New Years resolution on the try and watch more tv! 
 I wanted to know what my listeners were talking about when callers would bring up something about a particular tv show or personality.
10 Crime Shows From the ’80s That Need a Reboot
Love 'em or hate 'em, reboots are all the rage in Hollywood — both on the big screen, where you can't go a week without a new version of 'Footloose,' 'The Three Musketeers,' and 'The Thing,' and on the TV, where '90210' is back and '…

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