Hydroplane Parking Lot Party on Wednesday July 25th

Parking Lot Party!!!
 Columbia Center Mall hosts four H1 Unlimited hydroplanes at a late afternoon display, free to the general public. The display showcases the world’s fastest race boats in advance of HAPO Columbia Cup, July 27-29, …
What's The Deal With The Boat Race Riot Of 1987?
I might be too young for the memory of the boat races from the 1980's, but one year really stands out and that is 1987.
It was the year that the Boat Races had a huge riot. I'm a newbie to the Tri-Cities so what is the deal with the riot of 1987?
Waterfollies Event Schedule For Hydroplanes & Airshow
It is finally here! the 46th Annual Lamb Weston Columbia Cup! This is where you can find everything you need to know and even get the app for your phone which will link you to the Waterfollies website and Facebook page! So here is the EVENT SCHEDULE...